Baseball Wireless & Reporters

These segments are some of the best from the library.   I did not produce them, except for 1983 AL Playoffs and Pete Rose Brain Teasers.  I just want to share the fun.

1983 American League Playoffs

Wireless microphones on coaches and umpires.  Orioles vs White Sox Game 2.  Segment aired Pre-Game 3 on NBC with voice-over. This segment has no voice-over.  4:19

TV Reporter Confronts Umpires

An instant Philadelphia Phillie victory brings a reporter to question the umpires.  It gets ugly in the tunnel.  Unknown date. 1:56

“you are lying! no, you are! you’re a big liar!”

In September of 1980, a PBS station was producing a documentary on the life of an umpire. They captured the greatest three minutes of wireless footage with umpire Tom Haller wearing the mic, without Earl Weaver’s knowledge. It is the top of the first inning when Haller calls a balk on the Oriole pitcher. 3:04

Dallas Green Wireless

While wearing a wireless microphone for the 1981 Phillie Highlight Film, manager Dallas Green goes off.

September 5, 1981 2:19

Pete Rose 1983 Brain Teasers

Pete loved to tell riddles and brain teasers.  I interviewed him in September, 1983.  Here is the pre-interview banter.  2:47

Al Hrobosky

July 27, 1980

Atlanta (AP) – The Atlanta Braves Friday fined relief pitcher Al Hrabosky “the Mad Hungarian” – for his part in an altercation with a television reporter earlier in the week, a team spokesman said.

Hrabosky on Monday argued with WSB-TV reporter Knox Nunnally, who had been critical of his actions, and Hrabosky allegedly pushed the eyepiece of a camera into the eye of a WSB cameraman who refused to stop filming the argument.

Hrabosky has said the encounter and other recent confrontations stemmed from his frustration over a les-than-adequate performance this season.

“There comes a time you have to react.  You gotta fight back. You gotta do something,” he said earlier this week.