The Price Is Right – Ryan Hunter

Connor’s good friend Ryan Hunter is a sophomore at San Diego State and a member of Phi Kappa Theta. Recently a group from the fraternity created t-shirts and drove the 100 miles north to a Los Angeles television studio.  Here are the highlights from a February, 2013 The Price Is Right.  10:35

The Belle Of Louisville

The Belle is recognized as the oldest river steamboat in operation and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989. Built in 1914, she was originally named the Idelwild and was a passenger ferry in Tennessee and Arkansas.  Later her name was changed to Avalon.  In 1962, the Avalon fell into disrepair.  Enter Jefferson County Judge Marlow Cook.  She was bought for $34,000 and re-christened the Belle of Louisville.    Here is a segment from a 1996 program. 11:49

Kelsey At Two

‘. . .  four and two . . .’


1979 Student film. Miami University. Claymation.  2:52

Reed Family Archives

They were only here on loan. A film history of the Reeds.

Koolaid Commercials

Two commercials from the 1985 Baseball Bunch campaign.  Rick Reed “Ohhh-Yeah!”

Koolaid Bloopers

6:15 of Koolaid outtakes.  Infamous wall break-through at end.

Meet The New Senators

1968 CBS Family Interview Segment

-check out Webb at 7:45 spitting ice into a glass-

The Reeds 1999

Quick review of the Reeds first full year in Alameda.  Connor is 6, Kelsey is 4.


History of Louise, created for her 50th birthday. 3:17

Baseball Bunch – Chicken Plays Tennis

Short clip. It only took 4 takes. Exploding tennis racket.

RReed Producer – World Series Wireless

unedited footage of producer at the 1984 World Series

Cook Family History

Home movie journey with four daughters and a son. 4:47

15 Minutes Of Fame

It is more like 21 seconds.  In 1985, Andy Warhol was commissioned by the Cincinatti Art Museum to create a portrait commemorating baseball player Pete Rose.  Rose broke Ty Cobb’s long-standing record of life time hits.  The paintings play off of a classic baseball card.  He painted four of them.  The interview was in his mid-town Manhattan studio – The Factory.  It lasted less than 15 minutes.  After explaining to me that he was a big baseball fan he was asked . . .

Oops i did it Again

2000 music video with kelsey, ashlye & annabel. 2:07

Cook’s 50th Anniversary

Marlow & Nancy’s 1998 family celebration at Circle Bar B Ranch in Santa Barbara. 6:53

1994 Cook Reunion – Lake Tahoe

Two new grand-boys join the fun.  Sorry, no Kelsey or Patrick.  4:12

Connor Reed

A birth announcement and tribute to Louise’s pregnancy.  3:23

Sing Your Own Song

My parents love to sing and entertain.  Here is a clip from our 2001 family reunion in Honolulu. Note that Bob does not have his banjo.  This time it is a ukulele.  2:41

“Do what you love. Love what you do . . .”

Let’s Visit The Reeds – 1956

The Reeds have over an hour of home movies shot on film by my father in the 1950’s and ’60s.  He sometimes edited the sequence in the camera (while shooting).  This segment was edited after the film was processed as he added titles and more.  It features my mom and my brother in their  home in Iowa City, Iowa.  I added the music.  2:29

Magic Show – 1967

Bob, Rick and Deri have fun on their front lawn in Honolulu.

This is un-edited and our father is the camera operator.  Only one problem.  For the first few tricks, he couldn’t reach the “pause” button.  It was different than the “stop” button.  Eventually, we got the process to work. Good thing Bob could speed-read the magic book.     2:30

Hawaii Reed Reunion – 2001

Brother Bob put this together after the July 2001 reunion on the island of O’ahu.  25:08

2000 Cook Reunion – Old Lyme

Lots of rain during the first week in August.  Patrick (2), Kelsey (5), Austin (6), Connor (7), Anna (9), Matt is entering 7th grade, Becca (junior) is rehabbing from knee surgery and Pat is a senior.  11:10

Louise Cook *San Francisco 1989

It was a different time while living and working in San Francisco.

She is an advertising executive with a new puppy.  Her sister Nancy has a one-year old.  Louise is engaged to be married in 1990.  Nothing could stop her.  1:41