Harry Coyle – NBC Game of the Week

Director Harry Coyle (1922-1996) pioneered the look of baseball on television.  He directed  36 World Series over a 42 year career.

1n 1982 we produced a pre-game segment for NBC’s Game of the Week on director Harry Coyle.  Our camera was in the truck when the power went out.  It is the top of the ninth inning of a shoot out between Milwaukee and Boston at Fenway Park.  This twelve minute raw segment contains the PL lines of director Harry Coyle and producer Michael Weisman.  After power is restored, the truck only has one camera and nothing else.  12:43

Humphrey Bogart

At the movie theaters in the early 50’s, Bogart encouraged people to attend baseball games because executives feared the newly emerging medium of television would hurt gate receipts.  This spot aired during the 1986 baseball post season.  :30

Here is a link to an AP article on the creation of the spots:

World Series Wireless Overnight

1984 World Series. Inside story of Game 2, told with Costas’ narration and wireless microphones.  Aired Game 3 Pre-Game Show. NBC 3:32

1985 PreSeason Special Closing Segment

Goofy closing segment featuring the boys.

Bonds On Bonds

ESPN Show #6 – First segment.  Bond’s Memorabilia, Celebrity & Race.  7:48

San Pedro de Macoris

NBC prime time feature on a town in the Dominican Republic that produces major leaguers.

Rico Carty,  “We don’t even have jobs here.”    1985  3:56

The Baseball Writer

Long form feature profiling three styles of writers – player diary, beat writer, and fiction.   1988 ESPN 9:07

Pizza Hut All Star Softball

Opening segment of 1985 NBC pre-season special.  Sarasota, Florida.

Just Once

Final Rollout of 1982 MLB season.  Aired World Series Game 6. NBC 3:04

Davis Feature

This is a we-don’t-have-a-feature-this-week scramble. It was produced in one day.  An idea germinated around a batting-cage when it was noted that, “there are a lot of players named Davis in the major leagues.” 2:37

Croix de Candlestick

NBC feature on the SF Giants and their 1985 advertising campaign.  3:06

This Week In Baseball

One Day In Baseball – Oct 10, 1987

Comprehensive review of the final day of the season.

One Day At The World Series

A stand-alone feature with no narration.  This (now defunct) USA Today, The Television Show segment captures Game 2 of the 1988 World Series with images and sound.  2:29

The Strike Zone

Pre-game feature explores the changing strike zone.  The reason this is posted is because umpire Don Denkinger is quoted, “If I keep calling a strike up here and they yell at me, I basically will drop it down because I don’t want to get yelled at.”  Two months later in 1985 World Series, Denkinger would blow a call (at first base) and cost the St. Louis Cardinals a World Championship. NBC 2:59

Centennial – A Celebration of the Phillies First 100 Years

Documentary of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Hosted by James Michener, narrated by Harry Kalas, By Saam, John Facenda. 1983 Segment 2 (intro) 1:44

National League Championship Series – Wireless Microphones

Game 1 review of the 1983 NLCS.  Dodgers vs Phillies. NBC Len Berman 3:20